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This website was created to help people to navigate in the constantly growing world of mobile games. We gather information from developers and reveal it to the readers. Our specialists test games and give their expert opinions, considering pros and cons. When the detailed analysis is made, we share it with you, so you can always keep up with the trends, win games using tips and guides and be the first in line for the recently appeared updates. Read helpful reviews to master your skills in the game.

Our team


Allison Hubbert

As a Senior Entertainment Editor, Allison is a hard-working, poker-faced serious Dungeon Master. She prefers to be the first who played a new game and shared her point of view with developers. Allison loves her family, her husband, and their parrot, but finds the idea of escaping into a virtual world fascinating.


James Andersen

A Guides Writer whose main ability is to irritate people by writing provocative reviews on their favorite games. He believes that the truth is the most important power in the world, and he is ready to prove his point to anyone. James’ main addiction is Sims Universe, and he recently moved his new Sims family with red-headed twins into Hogwarts castle he has built himself.


Megan Bonnell

A Head Moderator who succeeds in all three editions of Diablo, including the anniversary quest in two days. She loves to take long walks, hiking and sea kayaking. Yeah, this is the real sport, and Megan did not made-up it just to skip the work once in a while. Right, Megan?

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