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Antiparasitic spray for dogs

As responsible owners we are, we want our pets are right all the time. But sometimes we do not know what else to do to remove fleas or ticks. Have you tried using the spray antiparasitic for dogs? This article will tell you more about them.

Spray antiparasitic: What to Know

Among the methods to eliminate fleas or ticks, or to prevent mosquitoes and flies react unpleasantly with our pets, we find many options. The best known are the pipette, the flea collar, and pills antiparasitic. But we also have a more alternative, known as spray parasiticides.

It is indeed a more practical and useful tool to combat all kinds of parasites and insects, especially the most common. This product usually is used by those dog owners who prefer something practical, even more than the pipettes.

For example, several dogs do not allow their owners to approach with something like a needle, as is the pipe above-  or belching antiparasitic tablets. We can also name cases of pets who can not tolerate the collar, generating them an allergic reaction in the neck.

To avoid these situations, or if you realize that the alternatives do not work, the spray parasiticides are perfect.

This method has immediate results, and, unlike worming tablets, the sprays can eliminate parasites or insects at the time. We also act as a repellent if we go to the field or are in the garden during the summer!

The bad news is that they have no preventive effect in the long term, which means to be applied more often than the pipette, which lasts about a month.

How are they used to spray antiparasitic?

The mode of use is more than pure.  Spray the spray-on the hair and skin of the dog. It is essential, also, to pay attention to the indications of the package or container box because we must keep the product makes contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears of the animal. Nor you can be placed on a wound, scar or bruise.

The spray parasiticides are very simple to use, the application is fast, and it is a highly effective method. We can find different forms and sizes, some spray and others like spray similar to that of the mosquito repellents we use for us.

Surely you wonder how it is made, and it will depend on the particular manufacturers, although there are standard components among all brands. If you have any questions about what it contains, it is best to consult with your veterinarian. Professional know tells you if you have any contraindications for your particular dog.

The sprays antiparasitic work more than well against flies and mosquitoes because they are of immediate effect. However, they not always serve to treat fleas and ticks (all depends on the composition of the product). Therefore, they not advised as long term treatment unless otherwise veterinarian.

They can be handy when we go on vacation to a rural site, or if we take our dog for a walk and go to a park or the outdoors with plenty of lawn and plants where they can ‘hide’ the parasites.

One of the main advantages of sprays worming is that they can be used in puppies under three months, something that does not happen with pipettes, necklaces, or pills. Similarly, you should pay attention to what is indicated in the prospectus to see if it’s right for your pet.

Of course, keep in mind that it does not protect animals against leishmaniasis and can that sprays have smaller effects than other methods listed above.

Finally, we recommend using the spray parasiticides to supplement pipettes or necklaces and pulverizes all those places that you frequent dog: bed, carpet, cushions, sofa, house, blankets … and even edges and baseboards where they can stay fleas without seeing them. When not you are using, keep it in a safe place, because it is toxic.

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