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Eye injuries in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Eye injuries in dogs can cause permanent scarring or blindness. Even if there is a foreign object visible to the naked eye, it is essential not to try to treat an eye injury at home. Eye injuries can cause permanent scarring or blindness if penetrating or ulcerative lesions develop. Eye injuries include foreign bodies, scratches, […]

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Ringworm in dogs: what is it and what are its causes?

Considered as one of the most frequent diseases, dermatophytosis or ringworm in dogs is a highly contagious parasitic infection. In this article, we are going to explain their causes, symptoms, and possible treatments. What causes ringworm in dogs? As we have already mentioned, ringworm in dogs is a fungal disease. Currently, three causative species are […]

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Psychological pregnancy in dogs: causes and treatment

The hormonal changes after each heat are responsible for the phantom pregnancy in bitches; why these hormonal changes occur in non-pregnant females remains a mystery. Psychological pregnancy in dogs, also known as phantom pregnancy or pseudocyesis, is a more common condition than we think. It refers to a demonstration of maternal behavior combined with physical […]