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Main accidents at home with small breed dogs

Small breed dogs are preferred by those who love animals but do not have enough space to have a large pet. They have the advantage that they can be taken anywhere, they need little space to live, and they live longer than large races: they can last up to 18 years.

With specific primary care, and of course, a lot of love, these dogs can live very healthy. However, even when they are at home, they are exposed to some accidents, which can sometimes be fatal.

Next, we will see some examples and tips to prevent a domestic accident from affecting the health or life of small dogs.

Poisoning and poisoning

Small-breed dogs, especially when they are puppies, behave like children when they are home alone. They eat everything that is prohibited, and certain foods can be very harmful to your health. Sometimes they can even be toxic, and their intake can have fatal consequences.

Some foods, such as onion, bones, lamb, and mainly chocolate, do not fit the dogs’ diet and are extremely toxic to them.

Usually,  the intake of these foods causes gastroenteritis that can be mild or severe, depending on the amount ingested and the size of the dog. A small breed dog can even die intoxicated by a chocolate bar that contains a lot of cocoa.

It can also happen that the dog accidentally swallowed pills, cleaning products, or poisonous plants in the garden. In that case, it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The best way to avoid such accidents is to keep food and dangerous products out of reach of dogs.

Obstruction by ingestion of some object

Another prevalent domestic accident in small breed dogs is intestinal obstruction caused by the ingestion of a small object. They can also be stunned when trying to swallow larger objects. Both situations can be dire and endanger the life of the animal.

The objects most desired by small-breed dogs, especially when they are puppies, are the control of the television, the mobile, pieces of toys, socks, and even shoes. It is necessary to be careful with these small objects and not leave them within reach of the dog, at least while it is a puppy.

It is best to buy the dog its toys; That way, you can bite them in the peace of mind. However, it is essential to choose the right type of toy for the size of the dog.

Electrocution and burns

Electricity is also a risk factor for dogs. Many domestic accidents occur when dogs, especially puppies, bite wires and receive an electric shock.

An active discharge can cause severe internal burns, especially in small breed dogs. To avoid such accidents, it is best to disconnect the cables from the power or hide the wires under carpets or behind furniture to prevent the dog from biting them.

Burns is also one of the most common domestic accidents in dogs. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for them. Hot food can spill on the dog and cause severe burns. The best thing is that the dog never enters the kitchen without supervision.


As with children, when a dog is near an open window or on the terrace, it is necessary to monitor it. You can accidentally fall or jump to chase another dog that passes through the street. If you are alone, you can also drop for the anxiety of being without their owners.

When the terrace or balcony is not well protected, falls can occur very quickly. When falling, dogs can suffer severe fractures,  especially those of small breeds that are more fragile in this aspect.

To avoid this type of risk, it is essential to protect all the heights of the house adequately. The bars should not be too far apart from each other to prevent the dog from passing between them. Ideally, place a protective mesh and prevent the dog from being left alone on the terrace.

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