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Meet the strangest dog breeds

We must admit that, with so many animal breeds, nature sometimes surprises us with some specimens that leave us with our mouths open. Well, today, we want to show you the most active breeds of dogs, those that leave us perplexed when we see them, and even those that incite us to think if it is a dog …

Chinese Crested

Remember when we introduced you to the sphinx cat? Well, we could say that the Chinese crested -in the photo at the top of this article- is its canine version. It’s a hairless dog, at least for a large part of its body, because it does have long hair on its tail, on the bottom of its legs and its ears.

He also has a crest of hair on his head that characterizes him. You must have thought of the film 101 Dalmatians, in which Cruella de Vil has one. Their name has to do with the belief that they came from China during the 18th century.

Peruvian dog

This one has an essential similarity to the previous one. It doesn’t have hair! As for its name, it is believed that the Spanish conquerors found one of these specimens among the Inca nobility during the sixteenth century.

They were revered as if they were gods and were always part of ceremonial acts. So much so that they are recognized as National Heritage of Peru. It is believed that their lack of hair is due to a genetic malformation and, therefore, tends to contract diseases more quickly than those who are protected by a coat of fur.

Terrier Bedlington

If we have always believed that terriers resemble a small sheep, you will not find what you will have in front of you when you see this specimen. It has an accumulation of hair on the top of its head and the tips of its ears and legs.

Its skull has the shape of a sheep, and the curvature of its back gives a particular way to its body. This is not a very old breed, as it is believed that he was raised for the first time in Bedlington, England, the fruit of the crossing of posters, Dandie dinmont terrier and whippet. His job? He was a rat hunter!


We couldn’t ignore this dog in the list of the most active breeds of dogs because we can’t help wondering when we see it if we’re in front of a dog or a mop. It is the official dog of Hungary and always has its tongue pink sticking out by its vast amount of black hair, which looks like dreadlocks.

It seems that the first specimens were seen in the ninth century when the tribes of Prince Arpad settled in the Hungarian steppe. However, this is a theory to be confirmed, as some believe that the Mongols imported them. What will be the real one? We don’t know, but we do know that it is an exceptional dog.

Tibetan Mastiff

We don’t know if it’s a dog or a bear. Its enormous amount of hair is visible and is undoubtedly its most attractive feature. Its noble face and fat, round, and heavy body make it an amusing animal.

Some call it the lion dog because of the resemblance of the shape of its head with that of the king of the jungle. It is also named after the Tibetan dogo and, believe it or not. It is the most expensive dog in the world. Depending on its shape and beauty, there have been those who have been willing to pay up to two million euros for a specimen of the breed.

In the beginning, they were used to pull sleds and carriages, as well as guardians and shepherds. Undoubtedly, it is a very versatile dog.

What do you think of these stranger dog breeds? Do you already have a favorite? We have ours!

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